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Friday, December 08, 2006

Good idea is back on its origins!

As most of you know, this site is the english version of the original one, "iyi fikir!".I was meant to write the english version here but...I can say that i became a bit "lazy". But now, iyi fikir! became in two languages (Turkish&English) and you can check out the new stuff from there.
So, please welcome to my good idea, "iyi fikir!"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


As far as i know, first time in Turkey, a blog ad appeared on print media.
Elma+Alt+shift is one of the best Turkish blogs and the ad is created by the owner of the blog, Firat Yildiz.
A blog ad on a magazine..And a creative ad...Definetely good idea!

Nissan 4x4s

I don't know if its because i grow up by watching Robotech, but I really do love robots and transformable objects. This is a one good ad that can show multiple products in one show. Good idea!

Agency: TBWA/G1
Director: Lieven Van Baelen
Production: Pac Films and Czar Films

Marcom Turkiye on-line!

marcomturkiye, which takes its name from the term "marketing communications", is a collaborative blog which is dedicated to reveal fresh marketing communication ideas and experiences from Türkiye.

We, as art directors, copy writers, strategic planners, marketing professionals and creative thinkers, are devoted our lives to spot, observe, analyze, think and create.

Our aim is: to share our observations in each of the major marketing communication disciplines such as advertising, public relations, mobile marketing, online marketing, viral marketing, guerilla marketing and so, and to offer an interactive platform for Turkish creatives, regardless of their age, location and profession and present their published creative works to the outside boundaries of Türkiye.

We wish you will enjoy hearing from Türkiye and share your ideas with us.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Jeep Break Out (Brich Aus!)

Agency: BBDO Avusturya
Source: Adverbox

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A milestone for Turkish print advertising

Finally..A brave agency (Lowe/İstanbul) with a brave brand...An ad without logo...There is still hope!...
Congratulations and thank you to anyone whose included to this ad.
Oh,one more thing...The slogan, "Beer is under this lid" is written by Haluk Mesci, one of the advertising gurus' of Turkey,years years ago...But still fresh as the beer itself.

Headline: We know it even we don't see it.

If someone says beer, everybody thinks of it.
Everybody loves it most.
Which one of us sip a cold ice beer from that brown bottle
and didn't exhale?
So, with its name,with its taste,its the beer, its our beer.

Slogan:Beer is under this lid

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Africa 2010

A corporate identity work for Africa 2010 worldcup...Simple and powerful.


Videos from 80's.

As a 30 years old guy, I can say that I'm one of the "80's kids"...Because of this particular reacon, i really loved this site...1500 videos from the dusty past. Take a look.

Nivea Night

A very very good idea...If you know the credits please let me know.

It is just a paper...isn't it?

Magnificent "handmade" art by Peter Callesen.Good work,good idea...

Thread spool art

This is what happens when you put madness into creativity...Superb job, good idea!

Cover Archive

A huge cover archive. If you haven't seen the site before, and you like covers, you gotta check it out. Click the title to find your cover.


Great digital animations and effects from a company which is powered by "good idea"s...
You have to check out the archive.

GTA meets the Coke side of life

Great work...Hits the bulls-eye of the target age group but i'm little conserned about the target characteristics...I am not sure if a GTA fan would like to see the "soft side" of his/her game which occurs because of the Coke. But anyway, great job, good idea!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sony ultra-slim Wega Engine Plasma TV

Last year it was a "New" tag attached to TV...This year, it is a spider.
I guess next year "a sticker" will be waiting for us.

Tonic Communications/Dubai
CD: Vincent Raffray
AD: Peter Walker
CW: Vincent Raffray

Smoking kills

Absolutely strong and very effective work..."No smoking" signs seems lik little "P.S." comparing to this.
Everest Brand Solutions/India

Safe happens - Jetta web site

I mentioned the crash ads for VW on iyi fikir! before. Now CP+B is back with their Jetta site and they show us that they really know their work. After you finished playing with your Jetta, don't forget to watch "Safe Happens" films.Good idea happens!

Periscope is on the top!

From the first glance, i loved this work. I assume that everybody thought the same, this piece of creativity won this years Cannes Grand Prix Award for print.Very good idea...
CD: Brett Morris
AD: Lance Vinig&Charles Foley
CW: Lance Vining
Photo: Gerard Turnely

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A wedding invitation

The "Pill box" on the left is actually a "wedding invitation"!...
This one is the most creative and funny invitation i had seen for a long time.I assume that the couple works in pharmaceutic sector. The writings all aronud the box is about the wedding date/place and humor of the original box-like "do not keep away from the children"- and the pills are traditional wedding candies.
For such a good idea like this,all i can send is my best wishes.

Evleniyoruz Biz: We are marrying!

Car for disabled persons

This car is called as "Kenguru".Specially designed for persons who need a wheelchair to go from one place to another. Designed in Hungary by a company,Rehab Rt. As you can see,there is no seats in this car and you can control it easily by a joystick.
Very good idea!Way to go Rehab!