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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

About The Crystal Apple Advertising Award in Turkey

Recently we witnessed the award ceromony of the 18th “Crystal Apple Advertising Award” which is held annually in Istanbul. This happening is a good social occasion if you’d like to see some collegues from the industry and have a chat while you drink your glass of wine. Also lately it became almost traditional that everyone talks about how the awards are given to one and others friend etc. As for my problem with this award ceromony is the last comment. In many platforms like internet sites, blogs this is under discussion. Most of the work sent to the award organization are seen for the first time. Some people critisize this, or even protest. But the bitterness is that these works are in fact really good ideas. Then why are we exagerating this so much? That is the question…Not only we inb Turkey but worldwide this topic is still beeing discussed. These type of -work for award ceramonies- have become a new type of illegal branch in the Ad award ceramonies. Some organiziaton call it "Scam ads" and the works done here as "Ghost" . All around the world in advertising awards –except Effie I believe- we face the same difficulty. In 2002, London Advertising Awards announced that they will open a branch for this but did not repeat it the next year as they were left alone I believe. As for in Turkey we ought to have a new category such as this in our award organiziatons like “Crystal” or in the “Red Awards” . Let’s witness the real good ideas in competition under this category.
At least this is my idea…


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